Black Oxford 63 Type

The brogue workmanship - dovetail, for friends - and the elegant decor that adorn the entire exterior surface, dampen the rigor of this classic model and make it suitable even for non-formal situations. Upper in genuine calf leather, insole and leather sole, real leather sole with non-slip rubber insert, blake processing.

€ 240,00

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The Oxford model - in Italian “Francesina” - has English origins and with its typical closed lacing is undoubtedly the most elegant men's shoe. The strings, strung in the 5 pairs of eyelets, close the mouth of the shoes in a perfect way, so as to show only the upper end of the tongue. The external decorations distinguish the francesine in smooth, semi-brogue and full brogue or dovetail: the more shoes are decorated, the more informal they are. Giorgio recommends wearing the smooth black lace-up with a dark dress for very formal occasions, such as the ceremony. Wear the decorated versions, in suede, or in other colors leather to express a stylish and contemporary style.

Dark grey oxford 44 TYPE

Simplicity and elegance

€ 280,00
Black Oxford 33 Type

With perforated toe and elegant blue interior

€ 260,00
Taupe delavé oxford 35 TYPE

Wonderful work on the upper

€ 260,00
Black oxford 219 TYPE

Simple, classic, perfect

€ 270,00

Impeccable style, genuine leather, handmade in Italy.


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