Red Mocassino 404 type

The summer shoe par excellence: the light, soft moccasin with a sole with rubber inserts; a comfortable and flexible model, to be worn strictly without socks, born for leisure time. Upper in suede calf leather, breathable lining, leather insole, rubber sole.

€ 180,00

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Its time is summer, its mood is carefree: the Moccasino is the perfect shoe for free time. Thanks to its classic and impeccable design, it enriches the even more casual look of a glam touch. Thanks to comfort and lightness, it is like wearing a pair of slippers: perfect for beach holidays, but also for long walks in the city. The sole of Giorgio Rea Moccasino, in fact, is designed to provide the wearer with extreme comfort. The colors and patterns, however, allow you to play with your summer look, from the most eccentric red colored one to the most classic nude. Choose your new Italian Mocassino.

Green Mocassino 424 type

In suede leather

€ 180,00
Black Mocassino 474 type

In woven calf leather

€ 200,00
Black shiny moccasin TYPE 398

Simply elegant

€ 280,00
Camel color Mocassino 434 type

In suede leather

€ 180,00

Impeccable style, genuine leather, handmade in Italy.


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