Wood color derby 175 type

The dovetail decoration, combined with the splendid hand-buffed wood color, make this derby a veritable compendium of masculine elegance. Perfect to wear with a classic summer dress during the day, even for non-formal occasions, superb if made protagonists of a style worthy of a new Italian dandy. Calf leather for the upper and the transpiring lining, soft leather insole and real leather sole with non-slip insert.

€ 230,00

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The most versatile shoe, with a wider plant than the Oxford model and an open lacing that make it comfortable and practical to wear. Whatever the color or the version, semi-brogue or brogue, in leather or suede, the derby can assure the man wearing it elegance, comfort and a dandy touch. Giorgio reminds us that in his black leather version, a derby can compete with an Oxford if worn with a dark dress for social occasions or in any case for the evening. Any brown version, if worn with the right dress, is suitable for the office. All other versions deserve to be combined with the inspiration and the imagination that your style can suggest.

Taupe delavé derby brogue 65 TYPE

Perfectly decorated

€ 280,00
Black derby 400 TYPE

Classicity and elegance, pure style

€ 260,00
Black derby 155 type

Elegant, in smooth and braided leather

€ 280,00
Wood color derby 135 type

With decorated tip and elegant blue interior

€ 230,00

Impeccable style, genuine leather, handmade in Italy.


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